Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

In eight UFC appearances, Michel Prazeres has only lost twice, and as a bumped up regional Brazilian fighter with a jiu-jitsu black belt, that ain’t bad. Mads Burnell is an Octagon rookie who hails from Denmark, which I guess makes him somewhat local…? I don’t know.

Prazeres goes to work in Round 1 by taking the fight horizontal, and while Burnell does exactly what you’re supposed to do when you’re on the bottom and trying to halt the top guy’s march to mount, his jiu-jitsu simply isn’t enough to keep Prazeres from passing to side-control. The Brazilian doesn’t do a lot of damage – like a lot of jiu-jitsu dudes, punching is an afterthought to maintaining dominant position – but he’s in the driver’s seat throughout.

Burnell makes some adjustments in the second round, and he and Prazeres have a brief punching festival before Prazeres takes him down. Just like before, Burnell can defend the submission attempts, but he’s stuck on the bottom and can’t get up for the duration.

The punching fest that opens Round 3 goes in Prazeres’ favor, and yet that doesn’t stop him from going for – and getting – another takedown. Burnell can stop the positional dominance, and this time around he can’t even stop the north/south choke.


Results: Michel Prazeres def. Mads Burnell via Submission (North/South Choke) at 1:26, R3