Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Stefan Struve has been a fixture in the Octagon since 2009, and in that time has beaten a lot of tough dudes, fallen to tougher dudes, and even had a bit of a scare with a heart issue. Alexander Volkov was a top Bellator heavyweight who’s amassed a 2-0 record in the UFC. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your UFC Fight Night 115 main event.

Struve’s greatest asset has always been his ridiculous length, but Volkov is exactly short himself, so when Round 1 opens with a kickboxing battle, it’s somewhat even. Still, Struve manages to penetrate his opponent’s defenses – with an uppercut here and a high-kick there – and eventually Volkov is bleeding. This prompts Volkov to shoot for the takedown, and when he gets it, it’s Ground-and-Pound City until the horn.

Round 2 sees a bit of a degradation in the finesse these men usually employ with their technique, so when Struve starts trying to maintain range with extended arms (a classic Muay Thai move), and Volkov moves forward to get in range, the Dutchman ends up poking the Russian in the eyes not once but twice. Ain’t no thing, though, and ultimately, Volkov is the one scoring the most with his boxing.

Volkov has figured his foe out by the third, and given hisĀ apparent edge in endurance, he’s able to capitalize where Struve falls short. This means damage on the inside when Volkov gets in close, and it eventually means a left that sends Struve to the canvas. Volkov is all over him with more punches, and soon the ref jumps in.


Results: Alexander Volkov def. Stefan Struve via TKO (Punches) at 3:30, R3