Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Bojan Mihajlovic had it rough in his Octagon debut when he took on Francis Ngannou, and things got only slightly easier when he fought (and lost to) Joachim Christensen. But hey, maybe UFC newcomer Abdul-Kerim Edilov will be a pushover…

Round 1 begins with the Russian Edilov throwing heat with his kicks, and maintaining those flames with fists and knees. Serbian Mihajlovic absorbs it all, but he leaves himself open to the takedown, and Edilov exploits that opening. For almost the entire rest of the round, Edilov ground-and-pounds the crap out of his foe, and he remains on Mihajlovic like spilled borscht on a plate of cevapi (note: that’s a Serbian sausage) when the bottom guy tries to squirm his way back up.

Edilov is even more confident when the second round commences, picking apart poor Mihajlovic with a kick and an uppercut before once again getting him down. From there is a storm of knuckles from above, and soon Mihajlovic is just a punching bag and the ref must step in.


Results: Abdul-Kerim Edilov def. Bojan Mihajlovic via TKO (Punches) at 2:32, R2