Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Rashad Evans hasn’t tasted victory since 2013, but he pioneered TUF and was the light-heavyweight champ for a spell, so he’s allowed to keep earning a paycheck in the cage. Sam Alvey has earned some impressive wins and fallen short a few times, but he’s not nearly as worn as Evans. It’s time for them to fight, I guess.

Alvey likes to wait anywhere between three to five minutes before doing anything offensive, and this fight is no different, with Evans waiting about a minute to start looking for takedowns. This prompts Alvey to throw an elbow, but that’s about it, and eventually the former champ gets him down. Evans does nothing on the ground, and when Alvey gets back up, he decides that maybe he should throw a punch or two. So he throws two. The horns sounds, and I really wish this match-up wasn’t made.

Round 2 sees Alvey activate his offensive capabilities, and he pursues Evans while throwing some heat. A few punches get through and Evans starts to wither, but soon the TUF winner scores a takedown that gives him only brief respite. Now it’s a contest between Evans takedown attempts and Alvey’s knees and punches, and by the slightest of margins, Alvey is probably edging ahead.

Those takedown attempts keep coming in the third, but Alvey does well defending them while peppering his opponent with right hands. When Evans is finally successful in getting Alvey down, the change in scenery is short-lived, and soon they’re back up and Alvey is shortening his lifespan with knees. The final horn sounds, singing a song of mercy.


Results: Sam Alvey def. Rashad Evans via Split Decision