Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Life sucked for Sergio Pettis when he first came to the UFC. His big brother, Anthony, was the UFC lightweight champ, and every bit of an acrobatic superhero. We expected something similar from Sergio. When we got something less, well…

To live in a brother’s shadow is, I imagine, a pretty rough existence – more so when you don’t even remotely measure up. But Sergio has been in the cage, throwing down nonetheless. Sure, he’s racked up a couple of losses, and has yet to win by anything other than a decision, yet he’s still plugging away, even as his brother has battled his own ups and downs.

Now riding a three-fight win streak, Sergio is slated to headline this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 114, opposite Brandon Moreno. It will probably be a good fight, but since the show is a Fight Night in Mexico, it’s safe to assume this match-up is more about heritage and appealing to the locals than anything else. Regardless, it’s going to happen, so we might as well enjoy it. Who knows? Maybe Sergio will have another Fight of the Night, like he did in the bout below.