Charlie Ward is one of Conor McGregor’s teammates, which, in this modern world of Irish magic, means you can fight in the UFC all you want. Galore Bofando is making his Octagon debut after having a few scraps in the UK regional scene.

The fight opens with Bofando flicking out kicks like it’s a Tae Kwon Do match and he wants all the points. In fact, it looks kind of ridiculous – does he know you’re supposed to make contact with your strikes in MMA bouts? Ward, meanwhile, keeps angling in for a tie-up. He eventually gets it, and with his arms wrapped around his opponent, starts working for a throw… and Bofando instead tosses him to the canvas and knocks him out.

Wow. Shades of Tim Boetsch’s UFC debut here, folks.


Results: Galore Bofando def. Charlie Ward via KO (Slam) at 2:10, R1