Dublin’s Neil Seery is far from the best fighter – his record will attest to that – but he’s the lovable every-man who will fight you in the bar then fix your television after dragging your unconscious ass home. Alexandre Pantoja won his only other UFC fight, but was a stud in the Brazilian regional scene, so here we are.

The opening round begins with Seery and Pantoja totally happy to bang it out, but it’s Pantoja who seems to be landing harder, with Seery falling to the canvas briefly before returning to the slugfest. The Irishman gets a few good licks in, but he’s getting worked.

Just like with Leslie Smith, Seery seems to ascribe to the belief that opponents will eventually get worn out beating him up. Why else would he continue to just try to duke it out with Pantoja? Much of Round 2 is spent with Pantoja beating up Seery like Rocky Balboa did to that big dangling side off beef. Seery keeps coming, though, and keeps landing, and lo and behold, Pantoja does in fact look to be slowing down. The horn sounds signalling the end of the round and you have to wonder if Seery will have enough to capitalize.

The final round begins with the duo scrapping, but Pantoja sees where this will go if he lets it (i.e., a TKO for Seery), so he changes tactics and takes the Irishman down. From there it’s mount to back-mount, and soon the Brazilian is working the choke and Seery is tapping out.

Seery is now officially retired. Back to the pub, I guess.


Results: Alexandre Pantoja def. Neil Seery via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:31, R3