We’ve watched Tim Means beat a lot of okay dudes, and lose to some really good dudes, so you have to think that we have a handle on the well-rounded fighter’s ceiling. Alex Garcia hasn’t had as much success, nor as many UFC fights, but he’s gritty as hell, and a win over Means probably means (yeah, I did that on purpose) that he has the potential to become one of the elite.

Garcia comes out strong, blazing away with hooks and uppercuts, and Means is in trouble early. They tie up and things slow down, and though both men land with their punches, Garcie is definitely ahead at the end of the round.

They’re a bit wary in Round 2, and as a result, their output is measured (i.e., slow). Means scores with a left, and seems to gain some confidence – confidence that Garcia tries to dispel with a high-kick and a spinning backfist. Still, Means scored, so he likely takes the round.

Garcia scores a takedown in the opening of the third, and he cranks up his kicks and combos, but Means stays in control by popping back up after that takedown, and his striking is more successful than his opponent’s. When time runs out, Means likely has the decision in his favor, but you never know…


Results: Tim Means def. Alex Garcia via Unanimous Decision