Johny Hendricks was the welterweight champ once, but those days are long gone. Now he can’t even make weight when the limit is 186 pounds. Tim Boetsch has had some wins and losses in the Octagon, but damn, those wins have been pure brutality.

Round 1 has Hendricks taking the center of the cage and angling in to try to throw his killer left. Boetsch, meanwhile, is constantly moving to the his weak side, circling out of trouble while throwing front-kicks and low-kicks. When they get close enough to trade, Boetsch remains wary, but he throws that cross with fury, and by the time the final bell sounds, Boetsch is likely ahead.

The second opens with them easing back into the roles they established in the previous frame, but then Boetsch changes that low-kick to a high-kick, and WHAMMO, he stuns Hendricks and sends him dancing. The following storm of uppercuts has Hendricks turtling, and the ref is forced to step in.


Results: Tim Boetsch def. Johny Hendricks via TKO (Punches) at :46, R2