Michael Chiesa won a season of TUF and has more or less done well in the Octagon since, choking dudes left and right and slowly climbing up the ranks. Kevin Lee didn’t win any seasons of TUF, but he’s been racking up the wins as well. Put the two of them together and, sure, you’ll have insults and fisticuffs outside of the cage, but you’ll likely have some sparks inside the cage as well. So here we are, with the UFC Fight Night 112 main event.

The fight begins with the two working their footwork to stay mobile and find openings, but it’s Chiesa who ventures into offensive territory first, via a guillotine choke attempt. Lee counters with a slam, dodges a triangle choke attempt, and scrambles onto the TUF winner’s back. Chiesa tries to slam his way out of it, but the impending rear naked choke is too tight. And then… referee Mario Yamasaki jumps in and calls the fight, before Chiesa can tap or go to sleep. Well, that sucked.


Results: Kevin Lee def. Michael Chiesa via Technical Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:37, R1