Vitor Miranda was a TUF Brasil runner-up, and since then has managed to string together a few wins in the Octagon proper. But he lost to Chris Camozzi in his last time at bat, so he needs to regain that momentum. Marvin Vettori is a fighter out of Italy – which is an oddity in and of itself – and he’s gone 1-1 since coming to the UFC.

They open up the fight trading kicks, but it’s Vettori who cranks it up a notch when he pressures his foe with a knee and boxing combinations. Miranda returns fire, aiming for the Italian’s legs with his kicks, and Vettori catches one and throws him down. Eventually the Brazilian gets back up, and they end the round trading some more.

Miranda keeps scoring with those kicks in the second, and he manages to stuff some takedown attempts. However, he’s just not working as hard as Vettori, who scores more with his strikes and gets another late takedown. The Italian is out-grappling the Brazilian – what has this sport come to?

The final round sees Miranda try his best to regain lost ground, but Vettori just does what he does and Miranda doesn’t seem to have an answer for it. Another takedown with Vettori on top and Miranda on the bottom and you just know the judges are giving to the Vettori.


Results: Marvin Vettori def. Vitor Miranda via Unanimous Decision