Welcome to CagedInsider’s liveblog coverage of UFC Fight Night 112, an event that doesn’t have old folks like Wanderlei Silva or Fedor Emelianenko on the card, but has fighters with actual futures in the sport. In the main event, it’s Michael Chiesa against Kevin Lee, who jawed at each other at a press conference and so maybe they’ll brawl and their entourages will brawl and then chaos will reign.

First up, the “main event” of the Fight Pass prelims, which features UFC rookie Jared Gordon against UFC rookie Michel Quinones.

Quinones sports a Tae Kown Do background, so he opens up with his kicks right out of the gate. Gordon fires back while moving forward, knowing that being in close nullifies his opponent’s best strikes, and after a minute and a half he’s got his arms around Quinones’ waist and is dragging him to the canvas. It takes about a minute for Quinones to get up without letting the jiu-jitsu brown belt take his back, and they spend the rest of the time poking at each other with single kicks and punches.

Round 2 sees Gordon get in Quinones’ face and feed him combos, and when Quinones tries to land something, Gordon switches to grappling mode and takes him down. From within his opponent’s half-guard Gordon rains down fists, forearms and elbows, and when Quinones manages to rise, the onslaught doesn’t let up. Soon the Tae Kwon Do guy is turtled and eating punches nonstop, and referee Keith Peterson is forced to step in.


Results: Jared Gordon def. Michel Quinones via TKO (Punches) at 4:24, R2