Felice Herrig is a seasoned veteran whose had some serious ups and downs, but has kept at it and made a name for herself. Justine Kish is tough and skilled, but injuries have kept her from building any momentum.

They waste no time engaging once the referee says “go”, and when Kish tries to throw Herrig down Herrig’s jiu-jitsu and wrestling technique enables her to take Kish’s back and threaten with a choke. Kish powers out and gets back up, but another throw attempt has Herrig taking top position and trying to work to her back. In the final minute and a half Kish gets the throw and winds up on top, but you have to think that’s Herrig is ahead.

Similar to when they were on the ground, Herrig’s boxing is just a bit more technical than Kish’s, which enables Herrig to mark her up with jabs, crosses and left hooks that leave her bloody. Kish keeps walking forward, though, and nails Herrig with knees. Herrig gets double underhooks and throws her foe down, and eventually works into back-mount. When Kish reverses and winds up on top, Herrig threatens with an armbar, and when the horns sounds Kish has slipped into mount.

Herrig opens the third up with a takedown into mount, and when she takes back-control, she sinks in a ridiculously deep rear naked choke. Somehow Kish escapes it, but Herrig takes mount and rains down punches. This is the best version of Felice Herrig we’ve ever seen – very impressive. When the horn sounds, Herrig is on Kish’s back. What a performance!


Results: Felice Herrig def. Justine Kish via Unanimous Decision