BJ Penn is one of the most beloved fighters in our sport, and much of that love stems from his legendary abilities… abilities that have long since left him. But he keeps coming back to fight (and lose) like he’s suffering under a gypsy curse, so here we are, stuck with watching him take on Dennis Siver. Siver is old and spent as well – is he old and spent enough for Penn to get a win?

Siver comes outs throwing kicks and Penn peppers him with his jab, and soon the German is hunting for a single-leg takedown that the Hawaiian easily hops out of. They stick to striking then, and soon Penn’s single jab isn’t enough for all the front kicks, spinning kicks, and combos that Siver is landing. By the final minute, Penn is a walking punching bag and Siver is hitting him at will.

Round 2 has Siver continue to chip away at Penn with a multitude of striking techniques, and though Penn lands a one-two combo that scores, he remains the human punching bag. But with a minute and a half left, Penn clips him with an uppercut and Siver crashed to the ground. The round ends with Penn on top trying to find an opening to pound on him,

Penn is utterly spent when the third begins, and for five painful minutes he does absolutely nothing except eat every punch and every kick Siver throws. It is so ugly and so depressing.


Results: Dennis Siver def. BJ Penn via Majority Decision