Clay Guida has been around so long he probably remembers when the sport consisted of two literal dinosaurs fighting in a stone enclosure. But he’s still around, with his long hair and frenetic style, and tonight he gets to face Erik Koch – a fighter whose claim to fame was that he was the subject of Kerry Howley’s book “Thrown”. (Read it, it’s good.)

Taller and rangier, Koch has the advantage when it comes to striking on the outside – which is apparent after only a few seconds of Guida bouncing around and Koch nailing him with jab-cross combos. Guida goes for the takedown after about two minutes, and but it takes a long time for him to overcome Koch’s takedown defense, and when he does, Koch is back up instantly. They spend the final seconds of the round swinging.

Whatever adjustments needed to be made, Guida makes them in the second, scoring a takedown early and settling into top control like he’s riding a brontosaurus. Koch initially tries to tie him up, but it’s no use, and for the entirety of the round, Guida is pounding away like he’s playing the drums.

Round 3 is almost exactly the same as the previous one, and it’s a miracle the referee doesn’t stop it to save Koch’s life.


Results: Clay Guida def. Erik Koch via Unanimous Decision