Holly Holm practically did the world a public service when she took out Ronda Rousey, although since then the division has had no clear superstar to cling to. That includes Holm, who can’t seem to stop losing, despite the UFC making an entire division for her to try to claim as her own.

The facts are thus: after wrecking Rousey (and the myth of Rousey), Holm got put to sleep by Miesha Tate.In fact, after the Rousey fight, Holm hasn’t won again, even after vying for a new UFC featherweight belt that seemed tailor-made for her.

So the question of the day is: What to do with Holly Holm?

Apparently, the answer lies somewhere in her headlining spot opposite Bethe Correia at UFC Fight Night 111 in Singapore this coming weekend. Can Holm somehow find it in her heart to do enough to win? If past performances are any indication… I dunno.

Here’s a Holm fight to watch while you mull this over: