Mark Hunt is on the tail-end of his career. There’s no denying that. After all, his fought everywhere and just about everyone – what more does he have left?

Apparently, he has enough to not only derail the steady climb of Derrick Lewis, but also make “the Black Beast” retire!

Round 1 saw Lewis try to keep the shorter Hunt at range with kicks, and whenever the Kiwi came close it was all about the big, meaty punches thrown and the movement. But Hunt eats “big, meaty punches” like they’re dinner (the word “meaty” is too tantalizing to pass up when it comes to his appetite), and he remained forever stalking, looking to throw that one smashing punch that could end it all.

That stalking continued into the second, with Lewis starting to adopt the demeanor of the “prey” to Hunt’s relentless “predator”. They clashed with fists flying, and though Lewis landed with his kicks and punches, Hunt still got the better of them.

Lewis turns up the heat a bit in the third, and scores with some big shots, but again Hunt just eats it and keeps coming. By the end of the round, Lewis was huffing and puffing and Hunt was salivating.

The fourth round had an exhausted Lewis use whatever was left in the gas tank. Once it was gone, Hunt simply switched gears and poured it on, firing off thudding elbows and punches until Lewis crumbled.

Afterwards, Lewis declared that this was probably his last fight.


Results: Mark Hunt def. Derrick Lewis via TKO (Punches) at 3:51, R4