Next up are Tim Elliot and Ben Nguyen, a pair of flyweights with a ton of upside.

Elliott is on his second run in the UFC, having won a season of TUF that had him challenging Demetrious Johnson for the belt back in December. Despite losing, he did well, so you have to think Elliot is the bigger fish in this match-up against Nguyen, who’s had some success in the Octagon but hasn’t faced the elite yet.

The bout opens with Elliott seeking the takedown, and when he soon gets it they scramble like Tasmanian Devils (which I assume are great scramblers, given what I’ve seen of Taz from the Loony Tunes). Miraculously, Nguyen winds up on Elliott’s back, and though Elliott does his best to try to escape, the rear naked choke is way too tight for anything but a tap out.

Wow, what an upset.


Results: Ben Nguyen def. Tim Elliott via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at :49, R1