Chris Camozzi is good enough to keep coming back to the UFC after getting cut, and good enough to tough out some wins over moderately skilled opponents, but against the elite he gets handled. Trevor Smith is a Strikeforce vet who’s won some and lost some in the UFC. Neither of these guys are world-beaters, so let’s assume they’re evenly matched in this one.

Round 1 opens with Camozzi working his kicks and punches, which prompts Smith to shoot for a takedown. He gets it, and though at first Camozzi is aggressive from the bottom (he thinks about going for an armbar), eventually he’s just a rug for Smith to lay on. After a while Camozzi scrambles up, but Smith trips him and is on top at the horn.

Another takedown in the beginning of Round 2 has Camozzi against the fence with his butt on the floor, and Smith methodically works his way into mount while peppering him with short punches. It is the farthest thing from entertaining, but Smith is winning.

The third round is more of the same, and you have to wonder if Camozzi just wants to go back to bed.


Results: Trevor Smith def. Chris Camozzi via Unanimous Decision