Reza Madadi is a fierce competitor with decent skills. He also needs to keep busy with MMA, otherwise he’ll commit petty crimes and wind up in jail. Joachim Silva is a TUF Brasil vet who’s won twice since joining the UFC proper, with a KO win over Andrew Holbrook in his last fight nearly a year ago.

When not stealing purses, Madadi is actually a stud wrestler – a trait that manifests itself in the constant pressure and committed takedown attempts he throws Silva’s way. It takes some doing, but soon Madadi has Silva down. From there, he alternates between looking to land some ground and pound and maintaining top position. Silva does a good job of avoiding punishment though, and they finish the round there.

Silva tries to impose his will with striking in Round 2, and throws knees and kicks while trying to shuck off takedown attempts. Though Madadi has some success in getting him down, Silva scores too, tearing out chunks of Madadi’s soul with kicks. But Madadi lands some hard strikes of his own, making this round really hard to score.

Madadi gets a takedown early in Round 3, and is on his way to maintaining just the right amount of control that will secure him a decision, but… Silva sweeps him, chips away a bit with strikes on the feet, and gets top position himself when Madadi falls off balance. They scramble a bit, but ultimately it’s Silva who’s on top at the final horn.


Results: Joaquim Silva def. Reza Madadi via Split Decision