As long as he’s not taking tainted supplements, Pedro Munhoz shows a lot of promise, with his run in the Octagon resulting in some wins over quality opponents mixed in with losses to quality opponents. Damian Stasiak has had some success in the UFC as well, although he’s been tapping out nobodies. We’ll see if any of that gives Munhoz the edge.

They start off looking pretty even in the striking department, with both men throwing kicks and punches with confidence. But soon Munhoz is varying his techniques to create an opening, and a right hand tags Stasiak pretty good. The Brazilian latches onto his opponent’s neck and threatens with a choke, and though Stasiak escapes, it’s suddenly clear he’s a bit outgunned.

Munhoz resumes banging away with his punches in the second, and Stasiak is absorbing damage. At one point, the Brazilian changes his mode of attack by grabbing Stasiak’s neck and getting him down, and though Stasiak defends and escapes, he’s getting worked.

Stasiak can’t prevent the takedowns coming his way in Round 3, and while he manages to get up almost every time, he’s unable to do much else. Still, he’s game, and eager to throw punches with all of his might. It ultimately doesn’t mean much, but his heart’s in the right place – am I right?


Results: Pedro Munhoz def. Damian Stasiak via Unanimous Decision