At this point, we’ve seen all there is to see with Nordine Taleb. He’s had more than one run on TUF, he’s fought in Bellator, and his time in the Octagon is colored with slightly more wins than losses. His bread and butter: Muay Thai. Oliver Enkamp is a newcomer to the UFC, so we’ll see how he stacks up.

It doesn’t take long to see that Enkamp’s striking is karate-based, which comes out in his efforts to create space and find angles where he can throw those strikes. Taleb is on to him though, and refuses to give him space, chasing him down with jabs and low-kicks. Enkamp does score a takedown, but later on in the round Taleb does the same, nullifying the points.

They trade for the first part of the second round, and Taleb’s Muay Thai – and sheer physicality – is making him the power striker that Enkamp is not. Eventually, this has Enkamp shooting for a takedown, but Taleb sprawls and counters with a sweep that puts him on top. Enkamp tries but fails to get up, and time runs out with Taleb large and in charge.

More trading in the third, and though Enkamp is throwing with conviction, his opponent’s counters are just too money. Halfway through the round Taleb goes for a takedown, and after dodging Enkamp’s guillotine, assume top position like a king on a throne. Soon the final horn sounds.


Results: Nordine Taleb def. Oliver Enkamp via Unanimous Decision