Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of UFC Fight Night 109, which will feature as a main event Alexander Gustafsson versus Glover Teixeira, and has a card stocked with almost a dozen dudes you’ve never heard of but who are probably beloved in Stockhold, Sweden (where the event is going down).

First up on the Fight Pass prelims: former Bellator star Marcin Held against Damir Hadzovic. Held has been struggling to get a win since coming to the Octagon, so it’s possible the UFC is tossing him a ham sandwich in Hadzovic. We’ll see, though.

He may be a wizard on the ground, but Held still strikes like a karate white belt, so for the first two minutes of the first round he stands with Hadzovic and eats punches and front kicks. Held shoots for, and gets, the takedown, and though Hadzovic does well keeping him in his guard, eventually the Bellator stud has his back. The horn sounds with them in that position.

Round 2 opens with Held whacking his foe with a colorful wheel-kick, and when Hadzovic rushes forward to throw leather, the Polish fighter changes levels and takes him down. When Hadzovic rises he suddenly finds himself wearing a Held backpack, but he wriggles free and they’re clinched against the fence. When Hadzovic takes a step back he throws a high-kick – a kick that Held catches and uses to throw him back down. Soon Held is doing his thing, and Hadzovic has to struggle to escape an Anaconda Choke. The horn sounds with Held again affixed to his back.

Held’s UFC luck takes over in the opening seconds of the third, with Held changing levels for a takedown and Hadzovic timing a perfect knee to the face that knocks Held out cold.

Jeez, what a bad UFC run.


Results: Damir Hadzovic def. Marcin Held via KO (Knee) at :07, R3