Thanks to Jon Jones being an idiot, we have a lot of tough light-heavyweights but not a lot of stars. Heck, we even have a champ – Daniel Cormier – who’s really, really good, but at the end of the day, all of these people lost to Jones, and until Jones can come back and fight consistently (without getting suspended), we’ll never see anyone carve off a piece of his stardom for themselves.

Which brings us to the main event of UFC Fight Night 109, which has Alexander Gustafsson taking on Glover Teixeira. Both men are great fighters, both lost to Jones, and both can never be the blazing sun above the division if they can’t ever get that loss back. Oh well.

Though the taller of the two, Gustafsson is the one who relies on angles and constant movement, while Teixeira stalks inside looking to land the big punches. The Brazilian is able to score a bit in the first, and he hoists the Swede up and throws him down, but the location is only temporary, and Gustafsson’s movement enables him to score as well.

In the second, Gustafsson’s uppercut reveals itself to be Teixeira’s Kryptonite, as he uses it to knock the Brazilian’s head back and bloody him. A spinning elbow and more uppercuts, and Teixeira is struggling to survive – which of course he does, because he’s Glover freakin’ Teixeira.

The Swede drops him with a flurry in the opening of the third, and they scramble a bit, giving Teixeira enough time to shake off the cobwebs. Back on the feet and they’re resume their respective games – Gustafsson sticking and moving, Teixeira looking to take his head off.

The punishment continues through the fourth, with Teixeira landing a big punch here and there but eating many more, and then we’re in Round 5, and Gustafsson lands a trio of uppercuts that have his foe stunned. The end comes in the form of a hook, and Teixeira goes down for good.


Results: Alexander Gustafsson def. Glover Teixeira via KO (Punch) at 1:07, R5