The main event for UFC Fight Night 108 is upon us, and the big storyline going into this fight is if Artem Lobov truly deserved to be headlining a UFC opposite someone of Cub Swanson’s stature. Obviously, Lobov can bang, and has earned some wins within the Octagon, but he’s here because of his friendship status with superstar Conor McGregor, and you don’t see Ronda Rousey’s pals getting big fights because they know her. So… is Lobov ready?

For all his skills and ability, the greatest trait Swanson possess nowadays is savvy. That savvy is what keeps him on the move, pegging Lobov with strikes from various angles and moving away, while Lobov struggles to set himself, aim and fire. That’s the story of Round 1.

Lobov begins to time his counters a little better in Round 2, so Swanson ties him up and eventually throws him to the canvas. He rains down some punches and elbows, and the horn sounds with them upright again.

Round 3 is when Lobov says “screw it” and eschews blocking the incoming fire and simply get off his own strikes. He gets wobbled for his folly, and Swanson’s addition of spinning kicks and whatnot creates the impression of a cat toying with a mouse.

The fourth has Lobov absorbing damage and beckoning Swanson for more. The American happily obliges him.

Lobov is still alive and eager in the fifth round – much to his credit – and though the beating continues, and Swanson tosses him to the canvas and batters him a bit, the Russian at least displays heart. The horn sounds and it’s clear Swanson won.


Results: Cub Swanson def. Artem Lobov via Unanimous Decision