At first glance, it seems pretty damn improbable that someone built like Sam Alvey could keep getting fights in the Octagon. But he was an ultra-experienced fighter before ever setting foot in the UFC, and he has a ridiculous counterpunch that tends to put people to sleep, so here we are. Thales Leites, on the other hand, is on his second run in the UFC, and has lost to the best and beaten the rest. Time for the “main event” of the UFC Fight Night 108 prelims, folks.

Leites wastes no time chopping away at his opponent’s lead leg with kicks, alternating with repeated kicks to the head that have Alvey blocking the latter but doing nothing about the former. It doesn’t take long for Alvey to start walking with a noticeable limp, and when he lunges forward to throw his usually-deadly counter, he’s got no base to push off of.

The second round is much of the same, with Leites kicking the leg and Alvey’s smile gradually transforming into a grimace. Occasionally, Alvey lands with his left, but late in the frame Leites ties him up and takes him down, and the horn sounds after they’ve scramble back up.

The Brazilian mixes things up in the third, kicking Alvey in the groin at one point and then poking him in the eye. Alvey recovers, and tries to chase him and start a brawl, but it’s no use. Leites is so far ahead on the scorecards Alvey might as well go home.


Results: Thales Leites def. Sam Alvey via Unanimous Decision