It’s amazing that after all the blood Joe Lauzon has shed in the Octagon (I’m talking about his own), he can still fight and string together complete sentences and function. But he’s still here, and now it’s Stevie Ray’s turn to taste some of that “Fight of the Night” magic.

Round 1 opens with Lauzon catching a kick and using it to get Ray to the ground. In the ensuing scramble Lauzon takes his back, but Ray expertly avoids the choke and is very nearly successful in breaking free. But Lauzon ain’t done with him yet, and manages to stay on top no matter what Ray does and punish him with some ground and pound.

Ray apparently learned his lesson in the first, because he does his best to make Round 2 a striking contest – a fruitful strategy as he repeatedly scores with a left and work Lauzon over with a Thai clinch. Eventually Lauzon throws him down and reclaims his “top position” throne, but this time around Ray defends well from the ground and pound.

Lauzon is dogged about wanting that takedown in the third, and at one point is on his knees with his arms wrapped around Ray’s hips as Ray drops elbows. He does get the takedown though, but is too spent, and Ray scrambles up and keeps tagging him. At this point, it’s just a struggle to stay alive for Lauzon, but he makes it to the final horn.


Results: Stevie Ray def. Joe Lauzon via Majority Decision