Remember how you didn’t need to know anything about Hector Sandoval and Matt Schnell at the beginning of the card because they were nobodies? Yeah, same deal for Scott Holtzman and Michael McBridge, who are 2-2 and 1-1 in the Octagon, respectively, and have thus far done nothing to make us want to know them.

From the outset, it’s clear Holtzman is the guy who likes to punch through brick walls instead of using the door, while McBride grabs door handles and tries to tap them out. Throughout the first, Holtzman is repeatedly putting his knuckles against McBride’s noggin’, and a couple times McBride tries to slip on the kimura.

Round 2 sees McBride go for takedowns while Holtzman dodges them and punches him silly. Eventually they do go down though, but Holtzman winds up on top, and aside from staying on constant alert for McBride’s potential submission attempts, he keeps racking up points.

The final frame is all about how much damage McBride can withstand while remaining eager to fight for a living. Only when McBride nails him with an uppercut does Holtzman change tactics and shoot from for a takedown. After avoiding a kimura attempt, Holtzman more or less spends the remainder of the time punching down at his foe.


Results: Scott Holtzman def. Michael McBride via Unanimous Decision