Marcos Rogerio de Lima missed the light-heavyweight cutoff for this bout and got fined 30% of his purse, so already this fight is going to suck for him. Ovince Saint Preux has won some and lost some in the cage, but his losses usually come from the elite – of which Rogerio de Lima is not – so this could be a decent thumping of a fatty.

Fighting like someone who has to be somewhere else, Rogerio de Lima comes out for Round 1 throwing hard kicks to the legs and body. OSP eats some, checks some and blocks some, but the offense is strong and doesn’t give him much room to counter. He tries a takedown late, but it’s stuffed.

Those same kicks keep coming in Round 2, but OSP catches one and throws Rogerio de Lima to the canvas. The ensuing ground and pound marks the Brazilian up a bit, who tries to scramble up and defend. But he makes a mistake with his arm placement, and soon OSP is working a Von Flue Choke. Rogerio de Lima ultimately taps.


Results: Ovince Saint Preux def. Marcos Rogerio de Lima via Submission (Von Flue Choke) at 2:11, R2