Mike Perry looks every bit the trailer park meth dealer who instead of buying food for his three pitbulls, simply lets them eat each other. But he hits hard, which is what Jake Ellenberger sometimes does as well. Get ready for some punching!

With a wisdom born of years of fighting, as well as a string of knockout losses that should be signaling that he’s close to the end of his career, Ellenberger immediately establishes himself as a takedown threat, forcing Perry to realize that he’s going to have to do more than just punch. They scramble to their feet and pick and choose their shots, with Perry kicking at his foe’s legs and Ellenberger throwing leather at any openings. Ellenberger scores another takedown before the horn sounds.

Round 2 has Ellenberger doing more of the same, i.e., mixing his attacks and angles to keep his opponent guessing. But then Perry clips him with a left, and when Ellenberger stands again he’s a little wobbly. That’s all opportunity Perry needs, and he feeds Ellenberger a standing elbow that utterly starches him. Yikes, an ugly knockout.


Results: Mike Perry def. Jake Ellenberger via KO (Elbow) at 1:05, R2