John Dodson and Eddie Wineland exist in a weird space populated by talented and skilled fighters who are able to earn title shots but never actually win belts. In terms of skill sets, both men can do it all, although Dodson has always been a little faster and explosive.

That speed advantage is evident in the first round, which sees Dodson flit in and out to tag Wineland with kicks to the body and punches here and there. Wineland keeps calm, and tries to time his counters so he gets Dodson when he’s coming in, but his jab isn’t quite there, and Dodson keeps racking up points.

Round 2 is more of the same, with Dodson content to get off first and get out and Wineland struggling to hit someone who isn’t there. They’re not standing and banging as much as fighting in bursts and breaking it off, and the crowd makes their displeasure known with boos. With the third nearly a carbon copy of the previous two, it’s clear Dodson will take the decision when time runs out.


Results: John Dodson def. Eddie Wineland via Unanimous Decision