Welcome to CagedInsider’s coverage of UFC Fight Night 108, which takes place in Nashville, TN, and features as a main event Cub Swanson against Artem Lobov. There are no big, pay-per-view “names” on the card, but there should be plenty of scrappiness and violence to go around.

First up: Hector Sandoval versus Matt Schell.

There is literally nothing you need to know about these flyweights. Seriously. They’re so far down on the undercard, they don’t even have Wikipedia pages.

Round 1 opens with Schnell throwing kicks and Sandoval sniffing around for a takedown. Schnell decides that now is a good time for a gunfight, and he and Sandoval begin blazing away with their fists, flurrying like they want people to remember their names. They go to the ground briefly on a slip, but return to throwing leather – at which point Sandoval shoots for the takedown. He’s caught in a guillotine though, and it takes two tries to slam his way out of it. Then, almost as an afterthought, he starts dropping hammerfists from within his opponent’s guard, and as luck would have it, Schnell goes out. How about that.


Results: Hector Sandoval def. Matt Schnell via KO (Hammerfists) at 4:24, R1