We don’t have a lot to be excited about with the flyweight division, thanks to a champ that’s so completely untouchable, but there are some good fighters in the weight class – not the least of which are Dustin Ortiz and Brandon Moreno. Ortiz has amassed a mottled win/lose record in the Octagon, but he’s truly only lost to the best; Moreno washed out of TUF 24, but he’s won twice since and looked impressive. This will be a good fight.

Ortiz is all about wrestling opponents to death, and that’s exactly what he does once Round 1 begins, smothering Moreno with constant pressure against the cage. Soon Ortiz is dragging Moreno down, and then they scrambling, with Moreno somehow able to avoid getting caught, but also somehow unable to do anything but fight Ortiz’s fight.

The second round has Ortiz more willing to strike, which favors Moreno a tiny bit. After a few moments of that, Ortiz gets a takedown and starts going to work, but Moreno is able to stand, and then…

…he cracks Ortiz with a beautiful high-kick that lands right on the neck. Ortiz face-plants, but he gathers his wits enough to start defending himself, so Moreno takes his back and hunts for the choke. To Ortiz’s credit, he manages to fend it off for a bit, but eventually it’s locked in tight, and he goes to sleep.


Results: Brandon Moreno def. Dustin Ortiz via Technical Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:06, R2