Alexis Davis peaked probably just prior to her “fight” against Ronda Rousey, and has since been struggling in the cage (of course, having a kid probably didn’t help). But she’s still under contract, so the UFC brought in Invicta FC fighter Cindy Dandois as a softball.

The opening round sees Dandois nail the takedown and go to work from top position – or try to, at least, what with Davis tying her up and swiveling for the armbar. Dandois dodges it bit gets swept, and then it’s a game of “who can threaten with a heelhook first?” The round ends with Dandois on top dropping the occasional hammerfist.

Dandois hopes to repeat her first round success at getting top position, but Davis is wise to her antics and won’t let herself get taken down, and keeps feeding the Invicta fighter kicks and punches. They scramble briefly on the ground, get back up, and the return the canvas when Dandois finally gets that takedown she wanted. The horn sounds with Davis swiveling for another armbar from the bottom.

Round 3 opens with Dandois scoring a takedown and easing into top position, and Davis kicking her away and standing. Dandois is on fire by this point, as she nails another takedown and a throw, but Davis’ guard is too dangerous, and the former title challenger is soon slipping on a triangle choke. Time expires before anyone can tap.


Results: Alexis Davis def. Cindy Dandois via Unanimous Decision