Al Iaquinta bailed on fighting for a while because he didn’t think he was getting paid enough. He tried his hand at real estate, but something about wearing a suit and tie to work didn’t sit well with a guy whose paychecks usually came from fistfighting, so now he’s back. Diego Sanchez is loved for his craziness and intensity, but time is running out on his career, so let’s see how much he’s got left.

The bout opens with Sanchez harnessing the power of thunder and lighting to throw frenetic strikes, seeking to overwhelm his foe – or at least put him on the defensive. Iaquinta has other ideas though, and he drops Sanchez with a killer right hand. The TUF 1 vet stumbles back up, trying to rally like we’ve seen him do a million times, and Iaquinta ends it with another dose of knuckles. That’s all she wrote.


Results: Al Iaquinta def. Diego Sanchez via KO (Punches) at 1:38, Round 1