I’m not sure, but I think it was his last fight – against Doo Ho Choi – that pushed Cub Swanson into the realm of ‘beloved badass fighter’. I mean, yeah, he’s always been a dude who’s given his all in the cage. But in that fight in December, it really hit home that Swanson is the kind of competitor who deserves our undying love and affection.

This weekend, at UFC Fight Night 108, Swanson takes the headliner slot opposite Artem Lobov. Lobov will try to use head-movement to stay in the pocket while counter-striking, he’ll use kicks at range, and he’ll be keen on stuffing every takedown attempt. Our boy Cub, meanwhile, while take a knife, cut open his own chest, tear out his heart, and hold it up for all of us to see.

Who deserves our respect more?

Here’s a little preview vid dedicated to Swanson.