Joe Duffy’s claim to fame is tapping out Conor McGregor when both men were wee lads in the minor leagues. He’s done fairly well since coming to the UFC, getting two tapouts and a submission, and losing only once (to Dustin Poirier). Reza Madadi, meanwhile, is a Swedish/Iranian wrestler who like to steal purses and go to jail (seriously, that happened). This, folks, is the main event of the prelims.

Madadi comes out in full wrestle mode, and he gets a slam on Duffy. But Duffy adjusts so the next takedown ends with him on top, and the rest of Round 1 has Madadi working for subs from the bottom and getting nowhere close to a tap.

Duffy is Mr. Striker in Round 2, and spends most of the frame picking Madadi apart with side-kicks, jabs, knees… the works. Madadi is a bloody mess when the horn sounds. The third round is more of the same – Duffy is just too good on the feet and Madadi operates at too much of a deficit.


Results: Joe Duffy def. Reza Madadi via Unanimous Decision