Alan Jouban is known for being a former model and having wars in the Octagon. Gunnar Nelson is known for being an enigmatic grappling ace with awkward karate-like standup. One of these dudes is a top ten guy – can you guess who?

Jouban goes to work chopping at Nelson’s lead leg with kicks, but he’s measured because he doesn’t want to get caught extended and get taken down. Nelson, meanwhile, stalks him like an emotionless predator, and eventually he gets Jouban down and mounts him like he belongs there. To Jouban’s credit, he doesn’t get tapped out.

Round 2 is more stalking by Nelson, but this time Nelson uses his karate to crack Jouban in the chin and stun him. From there, it’s grab his neck, choke him, and tap him out before you can say “Whoa!”


Results: Gunnar Nelson def. Alan Jouban via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at :46, R2