He was a Cage Rage staple starting in 2004, dominating the Brit circuit before eventually getting scooped up by the UFC. But Brad Pickett has gotten old, and he knows this, so today he retires. His opponent: moderately good fighter Marlon Vera.

From the outset, it’s clear that, while Pickett may no longer be able to keep up with the young bucks, he’s still got years and years of experience to call upon. In Round 1, Vera is in constant motion, landing punches and kicks. Pickett shuts that down with a body-lock takedown, and when they return to their feet and chip away at each other, Pickett sneak in a left that sends Vera to the canvas. They spend the rest of the round striking.

They’re again trading in Round 2, and Pickett once more breaks the rhythm with a takedown. The Brit drops some elbows, and the final seconds of the frame have them again on the feet.

Round 3 is every bit as gritty as the previous two, and though he’s certainly wearing his damage, it appears Pickett may take the decision. But Vera has other ideas, and with a precise head-kick, he TKOs Pickett in the Brit’s last outing in the cage.

Oh well.


Results: Marlon Vera def. Brad Pickett via TKO (Kick and Punches) at 3:50, R3