Arnold Allen is a local fighter who’s obviously on matchmaker Sean Shelby’s speed dial for whenever the UFC comes to the UK. Makwan Amirkhani TKO’d Andy Ogle in eight seconds in his Octagon debut, so¬†yeah, he’s on speed dial as well.

They come out throwing a knees and kicks, but the real meat and potatoes of the action comes when Amirkhani starts scoring takedowns. Allen wants things on his terms though, and after dodging a guillotine attempt, he gets a takedown of his own and gets in some ground and pound. A referee standup has them swinging at the horn.

Round 2 sees Amirkhani score the quick takedown and resume hunting for a choke. Allen wriggles free and takes mount, and though Amirkhani eventually works back to his feet, he’s visibly winded. He shoots for a takedown and Allen counters with a guillotine attempt, and when Amirkhani pulls his neck out of danger, he tries to regain lost ground with scant punches from above.

There are takedown attempts and sprawls, and leather traded furiously, but ultimately Round 3 is all about the ridiculous scrambles these guys do. Amirkhani ends up on top, but the ref gets bored and stands them up, and this time Allen gets a takedown. The final horn sounds with Allen trying to get something going on the ground.


Results: Arnold Allen def. Makwan Amirkhani via Split Decision