Sergio Moraes did moderately well on a season of TUF Brasil, and has had some success in the Octagon since then, putting his jiu-jitsu black belt to good use and outlasting dudes. He gets a softball tonight in the form of Davi Ramos, a minor leaguer who couldn’t even get a win in Bellator.

They may have backgrounds in grappling, but these guys are perfectly content to slug it out, and much of the first round is about them trying to find their range. Ultimately, it’s Moraes who lands more, showing patience and technique in the face of Ramos’ wild flying knee attempts and wild bolos.

Round 2 has Ramos landing a body blow that puts Moraes on a knee, and Moraes firing back with combinations and a greater sense of distance and range. A takedown attempt by Ramos is dodged, and you have to wonder what these scorecards are going to look like. Sadly, the third round is just as definitive, with both men willing to strike yet neither capable of inflicting much damage. The horn sounds, and it’s the only thing the crowd appreciates.


Results: Sergio Moraes def. Davi Ramos via Unanimous Decision