Jussier Formiga was a Shoot Brasil champ who came to the UFC a few years back with the expectation that he’d own all the little guys. That didn’t quite pan out – he managed to lose to all the elite, like Demetrious Johnson and Joseph Benavidez – but he was always a top guy at least. Ray Borg has been slowly clawing his way above the pack, losing to some and beating others, so this matchup is more like a test for Borg than a softball for Formiga.

Showing some seriously evolved striking, the jiu-jitsu ace Formiga comes out swinging, nailing Borg with crisp combinations while remaining fearless in the pocket. Borg eats it, and returns fire with knees and an uppercut that is pure money. The Brazilian’s low-kicks begin to take their toll in the second, and when Borg starts mixing in takedown attempts, Formiga expertly defends them all. Round 3 has Formiga using his jiu-jitsu moves to use Borg’s takedown attempts to take his back, and he even gets a figure-four on Borg that the American somehow wiggles out of and turns into top position. From within Formiga’s guard Borg delivers some moderate ground and pound, and when Formiga winds up cut, you have to think that this is helping Borg on the scorecards.


Results: Ray Borg def. Jussier Formiga via Unanimous Decision