No matter whatever else she does, Bethe Correia will forever be remembered as the lady who was face-planted by Ronda Rousey’s boxing. But that’s more than we can say for Marion Reneau, who’s fought in the UFC numerous times but is about as memorable as amnesia.

Reneau is fleet and nimble on her feet, and more than willing to kickbox once the bout begins. Correia, meanwhile, is a ball of stiff muscle eager to land something thundering. After a minute Correia starts mixing in wrestling against the fence, and though she eats kicks and punches when Reneau makes space, the former contender does manage to score a takedown in the final seconds.

Correia is a bulldog with her aggression in the second, but Reneau resumes picking away at her and scoring at range. With about a minute and a half left, Correia catches her foe with a takeodown as she’s coming in, and follows up with ground and pound from within Reneau’s guard. Reneau has a one triangle choke attempt that requires some countering, but Correia is otherwise racking up points.

Round 3 opens with Reneau absolutely stunning the Brazilian with a surgical kick to the head, and Correia goes on autopilot with a takedown attempt. Reneau stuffs it, scrambles, and winds up in mount, where she feeds her opponent knuckles almost nonstop. More scrambling and Correia is up then down again. Eventually Reneau takes her back, and Correia barely hangs on, fending off the choke until the horn. What an ass-kicking.


Results: Bethe Correia vs. Marion Reneau is a Majority Draw