When last these two met, Alex Oliveira was on his knees and Tim Means was kneeing him in the face – a foul, of course, that had the bout rendered a “no contest”. So here we are, with the rematching in Brazil where Means fouls could result in the crowd tearing him to pieces.

The fight opens with Means pursuing and “Cowboy” working his Muay Thai in the form of blazing kicks to the body. They clinch against the fence, and Oliveira hoists the American up and throws him down, and he racks up points with some ground and pound until Means can stand. More clinchwork, and again and again Oliveira slams him, until Means manages to reverse in midair and land on top. He stays in side-control for the rest of the round, grinding his elbow into his opponent’s neck.

Oliveira and Means go right back at it in the second, and soon the Brazilian is again tossing the American to the ground. But this time around Oliveira is hunting for back-control, and soon he has it, putting both hooks in so he can slip on the choke. It’s tight, and Means must tap.


Results: Alex Oliveira def. Tim Means via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:38, R2