It’s co-main event time, so now get ultra-promising former Invicta FC star Alexa Grasso against gatekeeper Felice Herrig. The underdogs have been kicking a lot of butt tonight, but it’s doubtful Herrig will be able to stave off what Grasso is serving up.

Grasso shows great form and poise with her striking, but Herrig ain’t buying the whole “badass” thing, and ratchets up the volume of her boxing with multiple-punch combos that have Grasso shelling up and moving away. When Grasso throws a high-kick she loses her balance and falls, yet seamlessly transitions into a heelhook attempt that Herrig must focus on and escape from. Still, those Herrig combos are doing their job, and she’s racking up points.

Round 2 has Grasso looking to incorporate more kicks in an attempt to take away her opponent’s base, but Herrig’s overhand right is the money shot that repeatedly knocks Grasso’s head back, and those combos keep coming. In the final seconds of the round Herrig nails two takedowns, and you have to think that Grasso is behind on the scorecards.

Herrig scores a takedown in the first minute and a half of Round 3, and attains mount for a few moments before Grasso escapes. Back on the feet and Herrig is slowing down, which is just what Grasso needs to assert herself and take back some of that lost ground with her kicks and punches. It goes the distance, so the big questions is: who did the judges favor?


Results: Felice Herrig def. Alexa Grasso via Unanimous Decision