Welcome to CagedInsider’s liveblog coverage of UFC Fight Night 104, which will feature a few female MMA bouts and culminate with the return of the beloved Korean Zombie. First up, the FOX Sports 1 prelim opener between Bec Rawlings and Tecia Torres.

These ladies have fought before, with the gritty Torres besting the Australian collection of bad tattoos. How will this one play out?

Round 1 opens with Torres more than willing to strike, eschewing her wrestling chops to throw fast boxing combos. She scores often, stymieing Rawlings’ counter-punching game with her speed, and when begins punctuating each series of punches with a chopping kick, Rawlings is getting all kinds of messed up. But Rawlings stays in it with her willingness to wade in punch, and when she’s close enough, she scores with knees.

The second round sees Rawlings come out aggressive, forcing Torres to move backward, and when Torres switches to wrestling mode, it’s actually the Australian who gets the takedown. But this is Torres’ territory, and soon she’s up and reversing, and when she takes Rawlings’ back it’s suddenly all about Rawlings dodging the rear naked choke, the head/arm choke and the armbar. The horn saves her.

Boxing has always been Rawlings’ forte so she pursues that avenue in the third. Torres obliges her, taking the opportunity to chew her lead leg up with kicks. A minute and a half left and Rawlings tries to tie up against the fence, only to have Torres reverse and throw her down. Rawlings once again dodges the choke and winds up on top, and the final seconds tick away with them on their feet throwing leather.


Results: Tecia Torres def. Bec Rawlings via Unanimous Decision