It’s time for the heavyweights, with Anthony Hamilton taking on Brazilian Marcel Fortuna. Hamilton is big and tough, and though susceptible to the heat Francis Ngannou brings, does put dudes away occasionally. Fortuna, meanwhile, is a jumped up light-heavyweight making his UFC debut against someone with a nearly 50-pound weight advantage, so, um, yeah.

It takes all of ten seconds for Hamilton to start swinging away, and Fortuna soon has a gash leaking blood over his eye from a clash of heads. Referee Herb Dean has the doctor check it out, but when the doc gives the thumbs up the fight resumes, and Hamilton returns to trying to take his opponent’s head off. Amazingly, Fortuna avoids eating one of those giant fists, and meets Hamilton’s aggression with an elbow that makes the American wobble. Hamilton shakes off the cobwebs and keeps coming though – and this time Fortuna blasts him in the temple with a right hand that sends Hamilton face-first into the canvas. WOW.


Results: Marcel Fortuna def. Anthony Hamilton via KO (Punch) at 3:10, R1