When Angela Hill was last in the UFC, she was an ex-TUFer struggling to survive in a league full of far more experienced sharks. She was, inevitably, cut.

But she found that experience she needed in Invicta FC, and even became the champ there, so now she’s back in the Octagon and looking to prove this is where she belongs. Her opponent: Jessica Andrade. The stakes: An impressive win could mean a shot at the strawweight champ.

Hill is tall and has range and Andrade has power for days, so the first round opens with Hill trying to stay mobile and fight at a distance while Andrade wades in and lobs bolos. The Brazilian lands more, and seems to shrug off much of Hill’s kicking and punching, but Hill stays mobile and lands a couple knees, keeping her in the game.

Round 2 sees Andrade pressing her strength and durability advantage even more, chasing her foe done and clobbering her when she comes in range. Hill counters with a couple more knees and opens a cut on Andrade’s face, but she’s taking damage and her energy is fading, and Andrade is able to get two takedowns before the horn sounds.

The final round and Hill is behind with Andrade trying to hunt her down. The fists fly like crazy, and twice the Brazilian gets the American against the fence and flurries… and Hill just says screw it and flurries right back. Both land and both escape eating anything too destructive, but the excitement level is through the roof, and when Hill catches Andrade with an elbow and drops her, the crowd goes nuts. Andrade pops back up, and spends the rest of the fight nailing Hill with heavy hands, but holy crap are these ladies putting on a gutsy performance!


Results: Jessica Andrade def. Angela Hill via Unanimous Decision