Abel Trujillo has turned an NCAA wrestling resume into a pretty decent Octagon win record, and is riding a streak. James Vick is an ex-TUFer who’s win some and lost some. On paper, this should be a cakewalk for Trujillo, so let’s see how this one goes…

Though the shorter of the two, Trujillo takes the center of the Octagon and threatens with an overhand right. Vick is wary, and it takes a couple minutes for him to start using his kicks and punches to keep Trujillo at range, but when he does Trujillo simply changes levels, hoists Vick up and takes him down. Vick works his way back up, and in the final 18 seconds of the round Vick tags his foe with a right, forcing Trujillo to shoot for another takedown.

The game plan remains the same for both men in the opening of Round 2, and Trujillo clocks Vick twice with that wild right. Trujillo switches into wrestling mode, but Vick stuffs him and scores a takedown himself. Soon he’s got Trujillo locked in a D’Arce choke, and it takes some hard, hard work for him to wriggle out.

Round 3 opens with Vick rocking Trujillo with a jumping knee. He pursues, dodging Trujillo’s killer rights, and this time, when he gets Trujillo down and slips on the D’Arce, there is a tap. This is the best Vick has ever looked in the UFC.


Results: James Vick def. Abel Trujillo via Submission (D’Arce Choke) at :49, R3