Legends never truly die, but damn do they take a beating when they return to the Octagon after retirement.

BJ Penn has been a shadow of the superstar elite fighter he was when he forged his legend, and that decline eventually forced his retirement. But he came back to headline UFC Fight Night 103 against Yair Rodriguez last night, and boy was it ugly.

Look, Penn has always been tough. In addition to being physically resilient, he’s mentally strong, and nigh unbreakable. But he’s old and long past his prime now, so when Rodriguez started blasting him with kicks from all angles, Penn began accumulating damage like a paper target at a gun range. By the end of the first, it was a minor miracle that Penn was still standing.

That all changed early in Round 2, of course. Starting with a front kick and combo that sent Penn tumbling to the canvas, Rodriguez began hammerfisting and hammerfisting until the referee could no longer stomach seeing the Hall of Famer pounded into human jelly.

Please, please, no more BJ Penn in the Octagon. It hurts to see him this way.


Results: Yair Rodriguez def. BJ Penn via TKO (Punches) at :24, R2